High-speed line between Prague's Vršovice and Běchovice has a designer

Správa železnic has selected the contractor for the technical design of the high-speed line (HSL) in the Prague junction. The project will be prepared by the association of companies SUDOP Praha, EGIS RAIL, Mott MacDonald CZ and MOTT MACDONALD. The project will also include the construction of a fourth line track between the stations Praha-Běchovice and Praha-Libeň, which will significantly increase the railway capacity on this section of the corridor.

The line will link to the already designed VRT Polabí (HSL Elbe Flatlands) between Běchovice and Poříčany. Thanks to it, trains will be able to reach the Prague junction and serve the existing railway stations. The designers will design the line in a dense urban area, with emphasis on minimising the impact of traffic on the surroundings and also on integration into the existing urban planning of the capital. Therefore, part of the contract is not only to design the line itself, but also to find an optimal solution sensitive to the local conditions and local specifics of the districts concerned. The contract also includes a requirement for the designer to work closely with municipal districts and private investors to ensure that the resulting design supports the further development of individual sites.

The new 12-kilometre line will be used exclusively by passenger transport. It will be connected to the existing railway network in Běchovice and Vršovice. The project also includes the completion of the Praha-Zahradní Město railway station and connection to the HSL. Trains on the line will use a maximum speed of 200 km/h; when passing through built-up areas, the speed will be further reduced to a level consistent with normal train operation in the city.

When awarding the contract, Správa železnic used the Best Value Approach and Best Value Procurement methods, which evaluate the quality of the tender participants' offers. The project also includes modifications to existing lines. The contractors will prepare the technical design of the fourth line track between the stations Praha-Běchovice and Praha-Libeň and the implementation of the so-called Jahodnická spojka, i.e. the connection of the lines from Prague-Malešice to Běchovice and Libeň. The connection will be used mainly by freight trains. Documentation will also be elaborated for a new station in Strašnice, which will serve high-speed trains.

VRT Praha (HSL Prague) will contribute to expanding the capacity of the Prague junction for passenger and freight transport. Construction should start at the end of 2028.

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