Press releases

VRT Praha (HSL Prague) feeling map received over two thousand suggestions!
Správa železnic evaluated the so-called ‘feeling map’ – an on-line portal, which was used to involve the wide public in the initial preparations of the project VRT Praha (High-Speed Line Prague). A total of 2,055 suggestions were entered into the map by 668 users. Most of them are aimed at promoting valuable places, while about a third point out problems in the area. Urban planners are already working with the suggestions and incorporating them into the urban concept of the area through which the new line passes.
Správa železnic is preparing architectural competition for Hranice na Moravě railway station
The new station in Hranice na Moravě will increase the accessibility of railway, including the high-speed railway. The transfer junction will be part of the new railway connection Praha – Brno – Ostrava. The competition is expected to be announced in early spring.
Renovated station building will become embellishment of entire spa triangle
Passengers in Františkovy Lázně will use the new station building as early as next spring. Today, Správa železnic inaugurated its complete renovation. The works will include the restoration of the historical facade as well as the modernisation of the check-in hall and ticket counters. All accesses will be barrier-free. The total cost of the construction amounts to CZK 252 million.
Work on Smíchov begins, metropolis will get another modern railway station
The railway in the metropolis is undergoing an unprecedented transformation. Work is in full swing between Bubny and the new stop at Výstaviště, and extensive reconstruction of the historic Masaryk railway station has begun. In addition, today Správa železnic festively launched the complete reconstruction of the station Praha-Smíchov. In about three years, it will get a completely new look and will also become part of a modern transfer terminal. Passengers will appreciate not only barrier-free access to trains and platforms, but also better connections to public transport as well as to the surrounding development. The total cost of the construction will reach CZK 5.1 billion, the construction of the footbridge will cost CZK 314 million. Most of the funding will come from European funds.
New station building will arise in Kladno
The results of a supplementary survey in the station building in Kladno showed that the existing check-in hall is in worse condition than originally expected. Therefore, after an expert assessment, a more efficient solution was chosen in the form of a new building, which will be better situated and offer passengers a modern multifunctional space.
Modernisation of another part of railway link between Pardubice and Hradec Králové is completed
The ribbon cutting today symbolically ends the reconstruction of another part of the busy railway line connecting two regional cities. The benefits of two and a half years' work between Pardubice-Rosice nad Labem and Stéblová are already being perceived by passengers today. New platforms and a pedestrian underpass were built in Rosice nad Labem. The reconstruction of the stop Pardubice-Semtín has been completed and the new stop Stéblová obec serves passengers. All level crossings were also modernised.
Railway station in České Budějovice is a dominant feature of the city again
Passengers will start using the reconstructed station building in České Budějovice today. The listed building from the beginning of the last century has undergone the largest reconstruction in its history. Work has been underway since 2020, with builders renovating the roof, facade, and interiors. A multifunctional building was created with shops, services and modern offices, the necessary barrier-free access is provided by lifts. The renovation also resulted in a passage connecting the north tower with the main concourse. The total cost exceeds CZK 1 billion.
Správa železnic receives subsidies for restoration of rack railway from Tanvald to Kořenov
Správa železnic will receive financial resources for the repair of the steepest railway line in the Czech Republic, which connects Tanvald with Kořenov. The construction will be financed by the cross-border programme INTERREG Czech Republic – Poland 2021–2027. The aim of the project is to restore the touristic important railway line in cooperation with the Polish Lower Silesian Voivodeship.
Cameras at corridor level crossing in Vendryně caught almost 300 offences last year
An intelligent camera system has been in operation for a year at the railway level crossing in Vendryně near Třinec, which can record driver offences. In particular, it concerns entering the tracks when the warning signal is activated. For the entire last year, the system recorded a total of 280 offences, and almost CZK 700,000 was collected in fines. Správa železnic is now testing the intelligent cameras also at the level crossing in Studénka and is examining their installation at 33 other locations.
Správa železnic will start measuring track level between level crossings and roadway
The aim of the measure is to reduce the risk of similar tragic accidents at level crossings, such as yesterday's collision between a train and a lorry in Dolní Lutyně.