Press releases

Work on corridor between Lipník nad Bečvou and Drahotuše will start in September already
The busy section of the second railway corridor between Lipník nad Bečvou and Drahotuše is awaiting complete modernisation. The winner of the tender for the construction contractor is the association of companies Eurovia CS, Chládek a Tintěra Pardubice, GJW Praha and Elektrizace železnic Praha, which submitted a bid of CZK 2.1 billion. Work on the six-kilometre section will start in September.
Station building in Vsetín has finished its service life, it will be replaced by modern terminal
The dynamics of the ongoing work at the Vsetín railway station is visible at every step. In the middle of the summer holidays, the next stage of reconstruction started, which now focuses on the second part of the track facility. The removal of the obsolete station building will also begin, to be replaced by a modern terminal. It will open to passengers next spring. A new car park is also gradually taking shape.
Another important station in metropolis awaits reconstruction, Smíchov station will be completely transformed
Modernisation of two large railway stations in Prague will start soon. After Prague Masaryk railway station (Praha Masarykovo nádraží), Správa železnic is now looking for a construction contractor also for Praha-Smíchov station. The result will be completely modernised tracks and platforms, extended pedestrian underpasses under the whole station and also a new footbridge that will lead over the whole station and allow barrier-free access to individual platforms. The construction will be implemented between 2024 and 2027 at a total cost of CZK 5.2 billion.
Vlkov u Tišnova and entire interstation section to Křižanov will be modernised
Today, Správa železnic announced two more important tenders, the first for the total reconstruction of the railway station Vlkov u Tišnova, the second concerns the subsequent line section to Křižanov. The constructions are part of a package of other projects aimed at the modernisation of the Havlíčkův Brod line.
Modernisation of section Pohled – Přibyslav will bring further improvement of Havlíčkův Brod line
Today, Správa železnic announced a tender for the complete modernisation of the nine-kilometre-long section between Pohled and Přibyslav. The three-year reconstruction will bring an increase in speed up to 160 km/h, repaired stations and stops and better parameters for freight transport. Single-track operation will be maintained throughout the entire construction period.
Modern sites of railway firefighters will be constructed in Cheb and Nymburk
Railway firefighters in Cheb and Nymburk will use new workplaces as early as 2025. Správa železnic intends to start the necessary construction works at the turn of this and the next year. The result will be modern sites, which will not lack training and educational facilities, areas for physical training and also adequate facilities for firefighting equipment.
Modernisation of Havířov station has its contractor
Another important station of the Moravian-Silesian Region will undergo an extensive transformation. Správa železnic will follow up on the renovation of the station hall and will completely reconstruct the entire station area, including platforms and barrier-free access to them. The construction works will be carried out by the association of companies Subterra, OHLA ŽS, Elektrizace železnice Praha and AŽD Praha. The total value of the contract amounts to CZK 3.4 billion and the works will start in September this year.
Line modernisation from Brno to Přerov will bring 200 km/h and higher safety, level crossings will disappear completely
Another section of the line from Brno to Přerov is one step closer to its implementation. Správa železnic has concluded a contract to create documentation for the building permit for the section between Blažovice and Vyškov. The 20-kilometre-long section will be designed by the companies SUDOP BRNO, AFRY CZ and SUDOP PRAHA.
Nymburk station in a new look, architectural competition winner is known
Reconstruction of the main station in Nymburk, which is being prepared by Správa železnic, will be designed by architect Tomáš Hanus. The expert committee of the architectural-urban competition unanimously chose his solution among 17 participants. They appreciated especially the simple, clean design and the sensitive interconnection of the new buildings with the historical buildings.
Braník Bridge will soon receive second track
Expected capacity increase of the Braník Bridge (Branický most) is in sight. Vltava railway bridging, which is mainly used by freight trains, will be double-tracked in a year. This will also help during the planned reconstruction of the bridge at Výtoň. The opening ceremony of the more than two billion investment of Správa železnic took place today at the Praha-Braník station. The complete disruption of operation on the bridge will take place between 20 October and April next year.