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Správa železnic Headquarters

Správa železnic, state organization

Správa železnic, a state organisation, performs, on the basis of the current law, the function of a railway operator and owner. Správa železnic manages, administers and innovates the railway network throughout the Czech Republic, which has one of Europe’s densest railway networks.

The long-term objective of Správa železnic is to ensure safe and smooth transport on all lines and increase the speed and capacity of the railway infrastructure. The organisation currently manages over 9,400 kilometres of railway lines; 6,800 bridges; 160 tunnels and 2,500 stations and stops. With a workforce of over 17,000, Správa železnic is also a major employer in the Czech Republic.

New Headquarters

The General Directorate and organisational units of Správa železnic are currently based in various locations in Prague, which is inefficient in terms of their cooperation and communication. In addition, many of these locations are old buildings and premises that do not meet the current standards and are, from a structural and technical perspective, difficult to operate and maintain. As this situation is unsustainable, Správa železnic is seeking to centralise virtually the entire administrative part of the company’s management in a single location. Thanks to this, in the future it wants to fully fulfil all the obligations of an infrastructure manager and a major employer.

Therefore, Správa železnic proceeded to announce a design competition entitled "Správa železnic Headquarters".

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Správa železnic, státní organizace - company profile (7.7 MB) pdf