About the project

The aim behind the construction of the new Správa železnic Headquarters in Smíchov is to create a central facility that meets the current architectural, technical and operational demands while enhancing work process efficiency and flexibility and representing the future vision of Správa železnic as an entity managing a comprehensive transport system for the 21st century. At the same time, the building is to be designed in line with the principles of environmental friendliness and sustainability.

The Headquarters are to house the General Directorate of Správa železnic and five organisational units, i.e. approximately 1,350 employees in total. The contracting authority prefers the General Directorate (GD) to be housed in a separate building that may be linked to the remaining buildings (e.g. through subtle structures). The remaining buildings are to house the Construction Administration - West (CAW), Centre for Telematics & Diagnostics (CTD), Railway Geodesy Centre (RGC), Shared Services Centre (SSC) and the Fire & Rescue Service (FRS).